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Business Coaching

I’m Valeria Gaetti

I like to call myself a blacksmith of empathy as I support people to give shape and color to their emotions. I think it is fundamental to challenge ourselves and our comfort zone to be happy and to feel fulfilled. Change is evolution, it is progress and it is necessary to break down the walls that we raise around ourselves.


About My Job

Business Coaching

Through one-to-one meetings, I support people to train and develop their skills by indentifying areas of personal growth and defining a specific and measurable goal.

Career Coaching

Specifically aimed at the development of one’s professional career, it is particularly suitable for managing moments of transition and change linked especially to corporate restructuring or job loss.

Personal Branding

I support professional figures in order to raise their awareness and structure their personal brand by adopting marketing tools used for commercial products.


On Topic

Nowadays freelancers and business men are more and more distracted by different situations, most of times stressful. For this reason, they risk to lose the most important thing: balance between work and personal life. Business Coaching takes action in these regards.


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